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Divine Downton

I've always believed that you're only bored if you want to be. The world is wide and full of interesting people, art and ideas - an endless array of diversions to keep you occupied. It can take some planning, but there's no reason you can't bring the party with you nearly anywhere you go.

Back when the Downtown Abbey television series was airing, I was a big fan. I'm generally an easy mark for any kind of period television because I have appreciation for (and fascination with) the related production values - the sets, the clothing, the language, the mannerisms. Getting these things right takes an enormous amount of research, attention to detail and work. (As a theatre nerd, I've been on a production team charged with creating this level of verisimilitude. It's thrilling, but tough.)

So when I heard the series was going to make its way to the big screen, I was all in. I selected a group of friends, booked a private dining room, purchased reserved seating at…

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