Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A new direction

Ok, here's the thing. I started this blog because I wanted to be more accountable for running and staying in shape. But I started thinking that, in addition to writing about exercising, I could write about books, movies, plays, travel, etc. I could make the blog more about personal growth, ideas, etc., instead of just sweat and mileage.

Anyway, to start, I DID do a 4 mile group run on Monday night. My speed wasn't good, but it was nice to get outside for a real run instead of logging miles on the treadmill or the elliptical trainer. The moon was almost totally full, and the temps weren't too cool for me to enjoy being outside. I'm afraid I slowed the other runners down a bit, though! I met a friend at the gym this morning for a quick elliptical/weight training session, as well. I need to work out at least one more time this week.

Hubby and I went to New Orleans last weekend for a friend's wedding. We stayed at the Lafayette Hotel, a great property right on the street car line. We ate dinner at HerbSaint while in the city, and I must say it was sublime. Pricey but worth it. Paneed pork tenderloin with creamy polenta and mushrooms. Shrimp and grits. Grilled redfish with pilaf and veggies. Great wines, too. Odd, isn't it? How I'll run miles and work out just so that I can eat whatever my little heart desires?

The wedding was wonderful. It was a traditional Catholic ceremony with a nuptial mass. Gorgeous a capella voices drifted down from the choir loft, resonating in the airy hall of the church. Sometimes, as a Protestant, I long for the beauty and pageantry of a more ritualistic faith. (But then, I sit in a mass for an hour and a half, and it passes.) The music was gorgeous, though. Something like what I imagine angels must sound like.

The groom, a buddy of mine from college, was glowing. I was so happy for him.

More thoughts later . . .

Thursday, January 20, 2005

So far, so good

I've been to the gym a couple of times this week, and I'll be going again tomorrow morning. I ran on the treadmill today, and earlier this week I put in a session on the elliptical. I do have a question, though. At what settings should I be using these machines to achieve exertion similar to jogging down the street? I get so proud of myself because I run for 2 or 3 miles on the treadmill at a pretty good clip, but I can't achieve similar results when I do my real-world running. Advice? I'd like to run more outside, but during the times that work for me to exercise (early mornings), it's pitch black out there, with little lighting on the street. (Plus, it's COLD!!) :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Pretty good week

I made it to the gym twice this week for cardio and weights, and Susan and I did four miles yesterday. I was sucking wind, but we did go the distance! I wasn't able to run as much of it as I would have liked. I'm going to try and get in three miles today, and to run more than I walk!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Back to the gym!

Ok, ok, so I didn't exercise much the week of Christmas and the following week. Other than doing active things like raking and bagging pinestraw, ice skating, and walking all over the French Quarter, I pretty much just ate good food and sat on my hoo-hah.

BUT I have been to the gym to work out four times this week (yay!), and I hope to get in my long run tomorrow. At the gym, I've really been trying to lift weights with the leg machines in addition to getting my miles in. I remember that the last time I was training for a run, that kind of strength conditioning helped me run farther, faster, and for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued.

Oh, I also got a pedometer. I could hardly believe that it was .25 miles just from my downtown parking lot to my office door. That means I walk at least a half a mile on work days. (And some days I walk a mile, because I have an appointment or I go out to lunch.) Anyway, I intend to use the pedometer to more accurately track how far I run/walk. I think it would be cool, too, to just wear it all day every once in a while, just to determine how many miles I walk in an average day. I guess I'm just curious.

Happy New Year, everyone!