Saturday, September 08, 2012

The House of Mouse!

When Clay was 3 years old, we took him to Orlando. But since we didn't feel he was really old enough to go to Disney World yet, we stayed at a fun condo with a great pool and took him to Sea World, Gator Land, the Wonder Works Museum, and other Orlando attractions.

However, now that little man is FIVE, we figure he's ready for the House of Mouse! After doing some travel book reading, web surfing, and general polling of my peeps on Facebook, we booked a week on property at Coronado Springs, with park tickets and one of the Disney dining plans. We won't go until next year (It'll take us that long to PAY for it. Apparently, childhood wonder doesn't come cheap.), but we are so excited! I've made some dining reservations (though I feel it is completely ridiculous to have to reserve meals SIX MONTHS in advance!), and everyone is looking forward to this new adventure.

Neither hubs nor I have ever been to Disney World ourselves, so this will be a first-time trip for ALL of us! Here we come, Mickey!!

All grown up!

About four weeks ago, little man went to his first day of kindergarten! I held it together, and so did he. So far, so good. Due to the HEINOUS school lunch menu they sent home, I've packed his lunch every day. (They DO have a healthy choice every day. But if your standard offering of entree is, say, chef salad or pizza, which do YOU think most 5-year-olds are going to choose? And they offer at least one junk food choice four days out of five. Fail.)

The only corrections he's gotten on behavior involve talking too much (no surprise) and not listening (which we are working on).

My little man's growing up!