Sunday, July 04, 2010


We've been busy lately! Last weekend, I took little man to get his first official haircut at a salon. (Up until now, I've been hacking away at it myself. And, pardon the pun, but that just isn't cutting it anymore.)

We went to a little salon near our house. Clay was very impressed with the big chair he got to sit in, as well as his bright yellow drape with the penguins on it. He watched in the mirror with interest as the stylist sprayed his hair with water and combed it. Then, she started trimming it. He was ok for the first little bit, but by the end, he was crying. She finished up quickly, then stopped the tears with a grape popsicle. (It was one of those that are encased in the plastic. We used to eat them all the time as kids. I had to show him how to suck on the open end to get the juice out. It was really sweet. I feel now as though I've given him a real life skill!) All in all, not too bad.

Afterwards, we went to the library to check out Curious George books and had lunch at the McDonald's (where he got to play on the indoor playground for the first time; we usually just go through the drive-through) as a reward for being brave.

During the week, I met up with some work friends for a delish dinner at Nagoya and ice cream at Marble Slab afterwards. I really love going out with this group. We always have fun conversations, and there are lots of different perspectives at the table. (And have you TRIED the coffee ice cream with Heath bar mix-ins at Marble Slab?! Good night, it's yummy!)

Yesterday, little man and I went to see the new Megalodon exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. It was big fun! Booger always loves going there, and I love taking him. It's very kid-friendly, with ledges where little people can stand to have a better vantage point of the exhibits. Plus, they have some exhibits the kids can touch, which Clay loves. Yesterday, they even had a touch pool set up where he could touch live hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs and starfish. That was a BIG HIT! We spent a couple of hours looking at the fish, and then we headed home for lunch and a nap.

For dinner, we met up with my parents at the Mediterranean Grill on Old Canton Road. (We know the owners of this restaurant, and we love going there.) We all ate together (shrimp - YUM!), then mom and dad came back with us to our house so we could shoot a few fireworks. Clay thought they were a little scary (We had the big cannon-ball kind, which were REALLY loud.), so we shot a few fireworks, sent him to bed, then finished them up.

It's been a really busy time lately, but really fun, too! We'll probably relax today, then get into more trouble on Monday. (We all have the day off! Woo hoo!) Then, next weekend, we'll throw the luau to end all luaus.


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