Monday, February 21, 2011

Goings on

Lord, have we been busy at the Bradshaw household!

Last weekend, we made the most of the gorgeous weather by spending most of Saturday at Lakeshore Park. We took a ton of old bread and fed every duck and goose in the place. We ran all around, counted the boats in the water, and played on the playground. We stopped in at Kroger long enough to pick up some lunch, then took our food back to the park for a picnic before heading home for a well-deserved nap. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and we've decided that we'll buy a red kite and head back on another pretty weekend to fly it.

On Sunday, we all packed up and headed to a puppet performance by the Bunraku Bay Theatre. The traditional Japanese puppetry features artfully carved puppets with three operators each. One puppeteer operates the head and right arm/hand, one puppeteer operates the left arm/hand, and a third puppeteer operates the feet. The puppets are really works of art, and the performance took place at the Alamo Theatre on Farish Street, a historic building.

I worried that Clay wouldn't like the show because of the music (which is something he is not used to) and the fact that he couldn't understand the words. But, as usual, he was rapt at attention. The kid loves live performances. The only part he didn't like? The lion puppet. He got a little bit scared of its snapping jaws, which made a sharp clicking noise. When it came out into the audience to bite people on the head (no lie - for good health and long life), Clay was all, "I need to go home now!" But I held him in my lap, and he was fine.

Afterwards, we had dinner at Sal and Mookie's. YUM! I love their food! What a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

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