Sunday, October 16, 2011

My little punkin

We took a trip to Nichols Boyd Pumpkin Patch this weekend! For the past three years, it's been on our list to do in October. Clay loves seeing the animals, riding the hayride, selecting his pumpkin, and playing on the big swings and hay bales out by the pumpkin patch.

If you've never been to Nichols Boyd, it's easy to find. Just take 25/Lakeland out past Brandon. Get off at 43 and follow the signs! At most, it's a couple of miles off 25.

When you first get there, you'll sign in and pay for the hayride. Then, while you wait your turn, you can check out the caged bunnies, quail, chickens, turkeys, goats, and Porkchop the Pig. Once you board the hayride (Sit on the left-hand side to have a better view of all the animals.), off you'll go to check out the farm's zedonk, fallow deer, cows, donkeys, goats and ducks. Once your animal encounter is complete, the hayride will deposit you out at the pumpkin patch, which is surrounded by a shaded playground of rope swings and hay bale mazes. Adjacent fields of sunflowers make for great family pics.

Once you choose your pumpkin and let off some steam, you'll get back on the hayride for a trip back to the barn. There, you can buy fall treats (I cannot recommend the homemade peanut brittle enough. It's the best I've found.) before heading off for other adventures.

A few pics of my little sweeties:

This is Clay snuggling up to one of the stuffed scarecrows on site. They have tons of little vignettes set up everywhere for picture taking.

This is hubs and my little punkin on the hayride.

See the pretty sunflowers? I kept trying to get Clay to pose in this one with me, but he was soooo over the picture taking by this time.

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