Sunday, March 04, 2012

Little people take over in Jackson!

Great things are going on in Jackson right now for the younger set! There are TWO great exhibits currently running, plus a theatre production!

First, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science has an exhibit on offer until May 6 called Animal Secrets. The exhibit focuses on the lives and habitats of forest animals. Clay absolutely loved the darkened cave where he could discover animals with a tiny flashlight and the giant tree where he could pretend to be storing acorns for the cold winter months. Visitors can also build their own ants and play with eagle and raccoon puppets. As usual, this exhibit is offered in addition to all the great things you can see at the museum any time - the fish tanks, the two-headed snake, the nature trails, etc. We tuckered ourselves out exploring, then picked up a bit of Chick-fil-A on the way home. A great Saturday!

And just this weekend, the Mississippi Museum of Art unveiled their Curious George Saves the Day exhibit. Full of fun illustrations, letters, manuscripts, and more, this exhibit traces the lives of Margaret and H.A. Rey and their most famous creation - Curious George. Little man has been a HUGE Curious George fan since he was very little, so we couldn't miss this exhibit. We showed up on opening day to not only see the show, but to participate in all of the family activities the museum had planned. After arriving, we picked up our yellow safari hat and our passport. Once we'd enjoyed story time, we set off into the exhibit. Along the way, we had our passport stamped at booths where we decorated bookmarks, created a postcard, drew in a giant dry-erase book, and more. We finished up with a free red balloon and a ride around the art garden on a miniature train. Topped off with a couple of slices of pizza at Sal and Mookie's for lunch, and little people (and big people) were very happy. You have until July 22 to catch this exhibit! Don't miss it!

For next weekend, we have tickets to New Stage Theatre's production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I know a few of the cast members, so I am especially looking forward to the show! Most of the original shows have already been sold out, but the theatre recently added an additional performance on March 8. There's still time to sneak a seat! Tickets are a bargain at $10.

So much going on! So much to do! Buckle your little person in the carseat and meet me out there!

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