Friday, March 08, 2013

Awesome television

A few months ago, I discovered Scandal. The show is about Olivia Pope, a campaign-fixer-turned-crisis-manager in D.C. She's brought in to help with the presidential campaign of Fitzgerald Grant. The two start a torrid love affair, he wins the election, and she becomes his press secretary.

The affair gets to be too much for Olivia, so she breaks it off and starts her own crisis management firm. Each week, she and her team handle different high-profile cases while she deals with losing the love of her life.

And all of that is well and good. But the reason you really want to watch this show is for the clothes.

Oh. Em. Geeeee. Gorgeous designer suits in a very neutral color palette. Lots of greys, pastels, white, the occasional camel or black piece. Long necklaces. Prada bags. Interesting necklines. Structured blazers. Coats that will make you weep. (You can watch a whole video here that gives you an idea.)

I watched season one on Netflix, then was able to watch all of season two online before season three started, so I'm all caught up. The drama, the Washington insider feel, the steamy scenes, all the quirky little supporting characters, all of that stuff is great.

But the clothes. The CLOTHES.

Watching this show has been unhealthy for my bank account. While I won't be buying anything designer for quite a while, I have managed to approximate some of her looks using affordable pieces. Amazing. Great stuff.

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