Saturday, April 13, 2013

Goings on.

Lawd, but have we been busy at the Bradshaw house!

Right after we returned from Disney World, I started rehearsals for an annual benefit performance at New Stage Theatre. It is sooooo much fun every year. We all do a couple of solos and some fun group numbers, we eat a delicious dinner at the Fairview Inn, and we raise some money for a good cause! I've done it the past three years, and I love it! I keep hoping that no one will notice that I haven't actually performed in a production there since I got pregnant with Clay. (So far, so good!)

Hubs, little man and I also got the chance to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We dress up and go downtown for the children's festival each year. This year, there were fair rides, a fun pet parade (Some people really go all out when they dress their pet up!), a clown, and a children's parade. We usually attend this festival and then get out of downtown before the real parade starts. Maybe next year, we'll actually stay for the big parade!

We also hosted Easter brunch at our house at the end of March. I made slow-scrambled eggs, bacon, a big fruit platter, blueberry muffins, and mimosas with pink champagne. We also had good white bread with raspberry butter and a big pot of coffee! Mom, dad, Laura, Caleb, and Matthew all came over, and it was so nice to visit and relax! It was the perfect make-up to our traditional Chinese New Year dinner (which we missed while we were at Disney World).

I also persuaded Laura and Caleb to run the Color Me Rad race with me at the end of March. It's a quick 5K, but they toss colored cornstarch at you at certain points throughout the route. You wear white to the race, and by the end, you're tie-dyed! We had sooooo much fun doing this! There is a similar event, The Color Run, scheduled for Jackson in July. If you're thinking about signing up, I recommend it! It's a fun morning!

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