Sunday, May 12, 2013

Historic Vicksburg!

An interior from the gorgeous Bazsinsky House
I had the occasion to be in Vicksburg for a few days in April, and I thought I'd weigh in on a few places I visited.

First of all, we stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites, which is conveniently located right on Clay Street. It's not far from the interstate exit, and it's right across the street from the entrance to the Vicksburg Military Park. Go one way down Clay Street, and you're in historic downtown. The other way, and you're at the outlet mall! (What's not to love?)

The hotel is clean, quiet, and very well maintained. They offer a hearty (free) breakfast, plus a nice evening cocktail hour featuring wine and nibbles (also free). Staff was pleasant, prompt and professional. I would definitely stay here again.

While I was in town, I had the opportunity to enjoy an evening reception at the Bazsinsky House, on Monroe Street. The historic home (written history dates it back to at least 1840) has a generous ground floor for receptions and events, with two large sitting rooms that open into one another in addition to an expansive gathering area, punctuated by a beautiful bar, that appear to run the length of the ground floor. A sun room and refreshing front porch also flow into these common areas, meaning that the home can accommodate quite a large group on a beautiful night.

Enjoying The Biscuit Company with friends!
In addition, bedrooms at the property are available to rent. If one is interested in staying in a historic Vicksburg property for the night, I can hardly imagine more gracious hosts than those of the Bazsinsky House. They saw to our every need during the evening we visited. After good drink, good food, and good company, we lingered on the porch, laughing and talking, before finally deciding to allow our sweet hosts to go to bed.

Not yet ready to turn in, we headed over to The Biscuit Company, a little bar in old downtown. It's a nice little place with a bar and tables in the front (in the non-smoking section), and a bar/tables/pool table in the back for smokers. After a few drinks and a game of pool, we headed back to our hotel for the evening.

We returned to The Biscuit Company the following evening for a nightcap, and we had a fun time with their pub quiz! (Though I have to admit, some of the raunchy questions they asked made me feel a little less of a lady. You've been warned.) By some miracle, we won, so we got $25 off our collective bar tab!

Before I left town, I knew I had to head over to the Outlets at Vicksburg to check out their new Coach store. My appetite whetted by my recent outlet experience in Gulfport, I was able to find a gorgeous gray bag for about $65. Shopping the outlets, incidentally, has not been good for my wallet, even though I have been getting great deals. (And that wallet? It's a gorgeous new Coach one, with creamy brown leather and a smart, snappy little clasp. See where I'm going here?)

Vicksburg makes for a great little weekend, and with the sesquicentennial of the Civil War falling this year, the city has lots of commemorative events planned. Check it out!

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