Friday, October 25, 2013

Catching up with Clay!

Our little booger has been busy lately! Over the summer, he turned six! He asked for a party with kings and queens and knights. We decided to fun it up with paper crowns for all the guests, a bouncy house shaped like a castle, cool invitations made out of parchment paper (We designed them ourselves with free illuminated letters we found online, then had it printed out at Sir Speedy. We even burned the edges, which Clay thought was fantastic. Little pyro.), and a two-tiered castle cake (with a Kit Kat door! How fun!). I think everyone had a great time! 

And this year, we started first grade!! Mama was a little verkelmpt as he walked off wearing his new Darth Vader backpack. So far, first grade has been really fun! He's reading like a top and making lots of new friends. 

He's also been progressing along with tae kwon do, and he has a high green belt exam tonight. Now that he's a bit more advanced, they are doing sparring, which is where they suit up in protective gear and try to land some kicks and hits on one another. The protective gear is VERY extensive, and it's hilarious to watch him maneuver around in it like some sort of tiny Stay Puff marshmallow man! At first, they matched him up with kids his own size, and he completely bullied them. He backed one poor girl into a corner and just landed hits all over until we stepped in. Then, they paired him with a much bigger boy. At first, his strategy seemed to be running away. (Smart kid.) But then, he decided to stand his ground. He did pretty well after that!

He's decided to be a vampire for Halloween, so we're getting ready for that. I've got all kinds of face paint and even two little attachable fangs! I can't wait to see how he looks!

He comes up with all kinds of quirky little comments that keep hubs and I laughing, and we try to keep him occupied: splash pads, parks, the planetarium, museums. He stays busy! We've been reading lots of non-fiction about animals lately - frogs, turtles, sharks, dolphins, etc. He also still loves watching shows about superheroes (plus Wild Kratts).

Anyway, I just want to keep trying to document how he's doing and what he loves every once in a while. I can already tell these years are going by so quickly. I don't want to forget what a hoot he was at this age!

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