Saturday, November 29, 2014

Adventures in scouting

We signed Clay up for Cub Scouts this year! They send flyers home from school, and since I was a Girl Scout until I graduated high school (and since the Boy Scouts have lately decided to be a bit more welcoming), I thought we'd check it out!

We headed to the informational meeting, asked lots of questions, got lots of answers, and decided to give it a whirl.

We've really enjoyed it so far! A lot of the boys in our den are either kids Clay knows from the neighborhood or boys he goes to school with. It's fun to get to know them and see the boys together. We participated in the car-washing fundraiser (Cars and boys got soaked!), learned how to use tools (The whole pack was surprised when I pulled my little multi-tool out of my purse!) and toured the police station. (When we toured the station, the officers put all the boys in the holding cell together. You could see all of the parents outside, exchanging glances, wondering if we had time to shut the door and make a run for it! Heh.)

We haven't been much for selling popcorn, and we didn't go on the first camp out (Work travel made timing difficult for that one.), but so far, we all enjoy scouting!

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