Sunday, May 29, 2016

Remembering . . .

I had the occasion to be in New Orleans recently (I'm often there on business.), and I made time before leaving the city to re-visit the National WWII Museum. It had been a while since I'd toured it, and it's been considerably expanded and rearranged since then. It's a wonderful, interactive look at what led to the second World War, as well as the horrors of combat and how the conflict was finally (and brutally) ended. If you've never been, I highly recommend it.

The large entry foyer holds large displays of planes and vehicles. You can
often find a WWII veteran in this space to talk with you about their experiences.

So many of the exhibits are immersive. 

The personal effects of many soldiers are on display. I found the letters home to
be quite heartbreaking. Most soldiers were just boys, really.

As I was walking to the attraction from the nearby Loews Hotel, I stopped in a new (to me) breakfast spot, Bittersweet Confections, and found it completely delightful! Small and cozy if you're eating in, but perfectly delicious to takeaway as well. They serve a full breakfast, including delicious quiche. I ate in and bought a few things to have later. Yum!

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