Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fun with booger

I've gotten the chance to spend lots of time with little man lately, which has been wonderful. For a few weeks there, I was devoted to a big project at work, leading to more overtime, some night and weekend hours, and general distraction even when I WAS home. Now that I've been able to get my schedule a bit more back to normal, booger and I have been enjoying one another's company more.

This morning, I took him to the Mississippi Museum of Art to see the Jim Henson exhibit. What fun! They had lots of his puppets on display, including Kermit, Bert, Ernie, some of the Fraggles, and more. They even had lots of props and costumes from the Dark Crystal movie in the exhibit. I loved it. Booger ran around there for more than an hour, looking at all the puppets up close. You could check out your own hand puppet at the front of the exhibit, and Clay used his deer puppets to talk to Kermit and Bert behind the glass. (SO cute!) They also had a puppet theatre area where you could put on little shows, and some televisions in the back were playing some of the puppetry that's been produced in Mississippi (Clyde the Frog, Dr. Ticktock, Between the Lions). We had lots of fun, and I bought Clay a copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon from the museum store before we left. He already loves it!

If you haven't been to see this exhibit, don't miss it. I grew up watching many of Henson's creations on television, and I think I enjoyed the exhibit more than Clay! I didn't get a chance to read all the panels and really look closely at all the drawings, but that's kind of part and parcel of taking a toddler to anything. I may swing back by the museum one afternoon, just so I can fully appreciate everything. Regardless, it's a great display with a wonderful Mississippi connection. Highly recommended!


HEATHER said...

Sounds great! I love Jim Henson and grew up on Sesame Street and then The Muppet Show. Wonder if this exhibit is on tour?

Nicole Bradshaw said...

It is. The exhibit is a touring show from the Smithsonian. You can see upcoming tour dates here: If you get a chance, go see it! We loved it!