Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall frolic

Have I mentioned lately how I love fall? Well, I do. We've been reveling in the season lately at the Bradshaw household. Here's the skinny:

We made our traditional two loaves of pumpkin bread. One's already been devoured, the second one awaits us in the freezer. We also whipped up two batches of fun Halloween cookies shaped like ghosts and pumpkins. (Neither batch lasted very long. Clay put an end to the last ghost tonight after supper.) Luckily, we still have enough ammunition to make at least one batch of molasses cookies and an awesome tray of Halloween cupcakes.

We carved our first pumpkin last night before dinner. Clay chose a fun owl pattern that we found on the Internet, and he looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! We toasted and spiced the pumpkin seeds this morning, because I absolutely LOVE spiced pumpkin seeds. (We'll probably carve another pumpkin mid-week, just so I can keep the high going. I remember one time, when I went to a pumpkin-carving party, I collected all the seeds from everyone's pumpkin and had spiced pumpkin seeds for about a month. Good times.)

Clay and I are all set with our Halloween costumes, too. He's going as Spiderman this year. (His strategy for fighting crime? Disarm the bad guys with his unbelievable cuteness.) And dude, he has got the Spiderman costume, Spiderman shoes, Spiderman gloves, even a Spiderman treat bucket. He knows no overboard. (One of my friends has gently pointed out to me that he might take after his mother in this regard.) I'll be Batgirl. Hubs hasn't decided what he'll be, but it's looking like either Ironman or Superman. Can't wait for trick or treating this year!

This morning, we spent a little time gardening. We raked a bit of pine straw and used it to mulch the flower beds, watered (AGAIN. Some rain would be VERY appreciated.), and planted a row of daffodil bulbs along the edge of a flower bed. Still have some iris bulbs to get in the ground, plus plans of some butterfly bush, forsythia, and Lady Banks Rose once we get a few drops of water to loosen up the dirt. Shoveling today was tough going.

I really love planting daffodils. Planting any bulb in the fall is such an act of faith. You plant, hoping you'll be around to enjoy the bulbs when they pop out of the ground six months later. And daffodils are such cheery little scouts of spring, peeping their heads up before all the other flowers and sending back the word that all is ready for the blooms to follow.

At any rate, that's some of the celebratory fall frolic we've been up to. Still hoping to do a quick picnic along the Trace somewhere to see the pretty leaves turning! What a great time of year!!

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