Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Fun!!

Our little tribe has been having lots of fun lately! In addition to our Orlando adventure, we've been yukking it up with some of our traditional fall activities.

Right before we left for Florida, we went to the circus! We took little man to see the circus two years ago, but we missed it last year because they didn't travel to our town. (Shame on you, Ringling Brothers!) When we heard it was coming in late September, we bought some seats right up front. Clay absolutely loved the elephants and the lion tamer act. (Though it struck me that the lion tamer act was more of a "don't get eaten by the lions" act. Those lions definitely did NOT look happy to be there.) I was completely amazed by the trained house cats act. Seriously. I have cats. I can't even convince them not to hork on the floor, much less persuade them to jump through hoops and crawl along tightropes. We got a big box of popcorn, and little man was sticking his arm in it up to the shoulder by the end of the show, just to get the laaaast little bit of popcorn in there. So much fun!

Shortly after we came back from Florida, Clay's daycare took a group trip to Nichols Boyd pumpkin patch. We rode the hayride with his class, swung on the tree swings, saw all the animals and chose a pumpkin before eating a picnic lunch under the trees. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we really enjoyed this day. (And OMG if you haven't bought some of Gran's homemade peanut brittle from the shop, you are completely missing out. I inhaled it in less than 24 hours.)

Then, before we knew it, the state fair was in town! Hubs and I were so excited to take booger to the fair this year. It's the first year he's been tall enough to ride anything! He adored the rides and (as usual) showed no fear. We rode the carousel a couple of times, then the bumblebee ride, the swing ride, the hot air balloon ride, and the miniature roller coaster. Then, we hit the big ferris wheel, and we rode in that ski-lift-type ride up and down the midway. We enjoyed one of those tasty (and free!) biscuits and petted lots of animals at the petting zoo (again, free!). Lastly, I couldn't leave without taking little man down the big yellow slide at the fairgrounds. I have been whooshing down this thing since I was a kid, and I still love it. I sincerely wish they'd open it up for EVERY event they hold at the fairgrounds. I would pay to get on it every time. We practically flew down it, and then we headed back to the Trademart to look at the shiny antique cars before calling it a day. Loved, loved, loved it.

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