Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hark! Hear the bells!

We've spent the past few days bringing Christmas to the Bradshaw house! On Friday, Clay and I packed up all of the fall decorations and started pulling the Christmas bins out. We've got garlands draped over the top of the piano and the mantel, and we put the Advent calendar up. Everything looks so festive! Clay has been running around, chattering about Christmas and decorations ever since!

I love the holiday season - the hot cider and cocoa, the cookie baking and cards, the decorations and the music. The only thing I'm not too excited about these days is the present shopping, which is why I'm doing most of that online this year. (I just tire of crowds and lines. I can get the same deal online, shipping is often free, and the item is delivered right to my door. Plus, I can shop in my pajamas at 10 p.m., and no one is the wiser. What's not to love?) I went to and got some perfect gifts for booger - a little chef's set with an apron and some cooking tools, a play mat that looks like a little town with roads running through it, some building toys, and some fun animals masks that make sounds.

Today, we put up our big Christmas tree. Clay helped us hang the ornaments, and he was so excited! (He only broke one!) Later, I made a quick run to the crafts store for a few extra things. I got some special candy for the Advent calendar, and kit for a gingerbread train (which I think booger will LOVE), and a tiny, metallic retro tree that will look GREAT in my kitchen with a few ornaments and some tinsel.

Hurrah for Christmas! Now, what on earth am I going to cook this year? Two years ago, it was rib roast (divine). Last year, it was crown pork roast (good, but not as divine as the rib roast). Any ideas, people in the computer? I'm thinking maybe seafood? Or game?


Anonymous said...

Beef Wellington?
Oysters Rockefeller?
Scallops in White Wine?

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Hmmm . . . I love the idea of seafood. I've toyed with making a a creamy lobster fettuccine. Wonder if my meat-loving brother-in-law would revolt?