Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Christmas all over the place!

More holiday fun! On Friday night, Clay and I loaded up and headed to the Christmas celebration at Winners Circle Park. Every year, the city of Flowood decorates the park with thousands of twinkling lights. On select nights during the holiday season, they sweeten the deal with train rides through the park, appearances by Santa, and hot cocoa.

We picked the perfect night to go! It was cold enough to feel Christmasy, but not cold enough to necesitate lots of bundling up and Kleenex. Clay marched right up to Santa, said hello, and told him what a good boy he'd been this year. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and Clay replied that he'd love a teddy bear. After accepting his free candy cane, we headed to the train! A quick $1 ride later, we were exploring all of the lit-up paths of the park. We swang on the swings for a while, then sipped some hot chocolate before hopping back into the car to see lights in some of the neighborhoods near the reservoir.

Last night, the whole family showed up at the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum for their annual Christmas event. We enjoyed a free hayride through the decorated Small Town, Mississippi, before heading to the Children's Barnyard to check on our favorite animal friends. (The pig was particularly active last night.) Before it started to rain, we ducked into the General Store to get a few little treats, then went back to the indoor part of the museum for the Christmas show. (It's a largely ad-libbed affair featuring Santa, Rudolph, and the Pearl River Redneck. No joke. Funny, though!)

After that, it was a fun tour through the museum, with the toy trains being a star attraction. (Though Clay always loves the antique planes, too!)

Hmmmm . . . what'll we do next?

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