Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Victorian Christmas!

Last weekend, hubs, booger, and I loaded up in the car and headed to Canton for their annual Victorian Christmas event and display. Every year, the town decorates its little square in thousands of twinkling lights. Visitors can also take little train rides around the square, view the scene from atop a carousel horse, take horse and buggy rides, and visit three little "museums" offering animatronic Christmas displays. Hot cocoa and snacks are on hand, too!

We took Clay to see the lights last year, and he really enjoyed it. We arrived early (5:20-ish), just as the evening was getting dark enough for the lights to put on a show. Canton lights up the whole square, with a giant lit Christmas tree; several light displays featuring toys, elves, etc.; and lights festooning the facades of many of the buildings on the square. After enjoying our train ride, we explored the lights and took some fun rides on the carousel and the little antique cars ride. By then, it was starting to get chilly, so we warmed up inside at the animatronic exhibits.

A word about the exhibits - they can be kinda creepy. It's basically three long hallways with various "booths" depicting loose themes - baking, toy making, etc. But, in addition to the animatronic characters, there are TONS of current and vintage toys crammed into these small spaces, many of which have no relation whatsoever to the theme. There's a lot to see, and kids love it, but it can be a little puzzling for adults. Regardless, for $1 per museum, it's a great way to get the feeling back in your fingers and toes for a while.

We so enjoyed our experience in Canton this year. We were in and out in about two hours, which was enough to feel Christmasy but not so long that we froze to death. Picked up a little dinner on the way home and turned in right on time.

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