Saturday, January 08, 2011


Ugh. There was a time when I would have been so excited to be remodeling my master bathroom. In my younger days, my little eyes would have fairly sparkled over such a project, and I would have had binders full of ideas, samples, and dreams.

Now, however, I just dread the mess, the expense, and the huge time sink I fear this project will be. Back in late November, when we had a contractor working on a repair at the house, we asked him to give us an estimate on tiling the floor of the master bathroom and the tub surround. We also requested that he quote us on ripping out the fiberglass shower and tiling that as well.

Now the time is here. Eeek! We've finally chosen some tile (No easy task! There are too many choices!) and ordered it. We've yet to choose new fixtures or even ORDER the shower door (though I think we at least know which one we want now). Then, we'll have the day-to-day management of the work as it's being done. I'm praying that will go smoothly.

Based on how this project goes, we'll decide whether we have the fortitude to remodel the guest bathroom. And then, looming in the distance like some hideous monster, is the kitchen.

Do I have the mettle for this? I'm about to find out.

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