Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In the garden

We've been enjoying spring (and even summer) temperatures for a couple of weeks now, and the garden is bursting into bloom! Daffodils are well into their season, and iris are opening up everywhere. Azaleas are budding out in the backyard, and my Japanese magnolia is gearing up to flower.

Plans for this year include finally installing the long, wide flower bed alongside the patio that I've been dreaming of, as well as replacing one of the arbors that supports my Confederate jasmine. (With all the wind we get in that location, the old arbor is having a hard time. I'm hoping to replace it with a metal structure, one that we can concrete securely into the ground.)

I've already pulled the hammock out of storage, and Clay and I have spent a couple of lazy afternoons in it!

I did a little light weeding and cleaning up last weekend. This weekend, maybe we'll find time to buy new bedding plants for the patio pots and put them out. I'm also really hoping to do just a little vegetable gardening this season. I think Clay would love planting vegetables, watching them grow, and (hopefully) eating them once they are ripe!

I love spring!!!


Mariel Sarah said...

hi nicole! my hubby and i just moved from WI to MS in january so i could start a graduate program at mississippi college. we are loving the MS spring weather (not today though) and are thinking of starting a little herb garden on the back patio of our apt. it's good to hear that there actually ARE things to do in the jackson area...looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Mariel - There's TONS of stuff to do! This weekend is Crossroads Film Fest. And do you have kids? If so, you'll want to catch the weekend after that - NatureFest at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, and the weekend after THAT is KidFest is Ridgeland!

Oh, and if you're a live musical fan, Chorus Line is playing at Thalia Mara Hall April 20 and 21! (Oh, and Pepsi Pops - a big, open-air concert by the Miss. Symphony Orchestra - is scheduled for May 6! See you there?)

So much going on!