Saturday, March 05, 2011

Keep looking UP!

We took little man on his first visit to the Russell C. Davis Planetarium today! They are learning about the solar system at daycare, and he's really into it. Brian and I both downloaded free planet apps for our phones, and now booger can tell you which planet is the biggest, which one has rings, which ones are hot, which one we live on, etc. I thought a visit to the planetarium would be the perfect complement to what we've been learning.

I hadn't been to the planetarium in ages. Their website is not usually up to date, so it's best to call them (601-960-1552) and either ask or listen to the voicemail message to find out what's playing. On the weekends, the planetarium opens 30 minutes before the first show. We went to the 1 p.m. skyshow, called Two Pieces of Glass. It was all about telescopes and what they help us see in the sky. The show was short (30 minutes), and Clay really seemed to love it! The 1 p.m. start time makes it the perfect activity to enjoy just after lunch and just before nap.

While we were there, I bought a couple of educational books and a toy space shuttle in the gift shop. So fun! He's already been zooming the shuttle all over the house!

Anyway, if you've not been to the planetarium in a while, I highly recommend it. A fun, quick, educational activity, perfect for a rainy Saturday!

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