Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clay doings

A while back, Clay and I found ourselves with a free morning. We headed over to Harry the Potter, a paint-your-own pottery store in Flowood, for a fun morning activity.

Clay chose a small dish shaped like a fish, and he picked lots of blues, purples and grays to paint it with. I selected a large chip and dip plate and tons of greens, browns, and a fiery red. We had such fun! Clay mixed his paint and dabbled it all over the fish, while my design was a bit more structured. When we finished, we signed our names on the bottom of our creations and paid for our pottery.

I picked up the finished pieces last week. Clay's fish looks WAY better than my chip and dip plate! (Clearly, his artistic technique was superior.) Next time, I'm going to let him paint the big, expensive piece!

We also swung by the Amazing Butterflies exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science last weekend. It was big fun! Clay loved climbing on the rope spiderweb, reflecting light into the mirror with his butterfly wings, and curling up in the cocoon. We paid our regular visits to all the fish and frogs in the aquarium section, and we also really enjoyed walking on some of the trails behind the museum.

Before we left Lefleur's Bluff State Park, we also took the opportunity to play at the Riverside Playground. We'd never been there before, and it's so much fun! First of all, it's really BIG. And there's lots of places to be and things to do inside. Clay loved climbing up into the towers, walking on the balance toys, and riding the rocky horses. Bathrooms are conveniently located adjacent to the park, and the day was absolutely gorgeous for playing outside.

This morning, the whole Bradshaw clan headed to the Mississippi Children's Museum. We love this attraction, and Clay could spend days inside. Particular favorites this morning included the forest maze, the build-a-boat racing stream, the digestive tract (He loves the sound effects!), and milking the cow at the barnyard. (They've been talking about farms at daycare.)

Oh, plus - we found time to dress up like pirates and create a treasure map. ARGH!!

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