Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riots of bloom

It's May, and my garden is blooming! First, the cheery little daffodils and iris bloomed. Then, the confederate jasmine filled the air with its heady scent. Now, we've got lilies, gorgeous blue hydrangea, butterfly bush, gardenias, and tons of red geraniums. The forsythia I put out in the fall is also shooting up, and all of my mums from last fall have already budded.

On Easter weekend, we planted our first vegetable garden at this house. Clay went with me to Lowe's to pick out all of our plants. We chose two blackberry bushes, three strawberry bushes, three tomato plants (two cherry tomatoes, and one big striped variety), two pepper plants, two cucumber plants, and an eggplant. (Me, to Clay, as he was putting the eggplant in the cart, "But you don't even LIKE eggplant." Clay - "Oh, I do. I like eggplant." We shall see!) We also planted some seeds - sunflowers, radishes, and nasturtiums - in addition to some spring onions.

So far, all the rain we've been having has been kind to our vegetable garden. All the seeds have sprouted, and we've got little tomatoes on each of our tomato plants. The onions have started coming up, and our strawberry plants have put out a few little tentative white berries. (Though I may not get any. I have a feeling it's going to be a war with the creatures of the wild on that.)

If I can keep everything watered and disease-free, we'll be eating tons of great stuff in just a few short weeks! YAY!

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