Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adventuring in Jackson

This past week, Clay and I had TWO great adventures I thought I'd share!

First of all, we went to see a touring production of Peter Pan, starring Cathy Rigby. When I heard that Peter Pan would be playing in town, I knew it would be a perfect choice to serve as one of Clay's first big musical theatre shows. I invited my sister and her 8-year-old son to come along and bought our tickets.

We had a filling dinner at Sal and Mookie's pre-show, then arrived at Thalia Mara Hall just in time to take our seats as the lights dimmed. I had worried about Cathy Rigby in the role, but I had no need. She did a fine job and from our seats, her slight build and posture were easily believable as that of a boy.

The two little guys we brought with us loved the show, often commenting on specific characters, effects, and set pieces. Clay got scared a few times by the pirates and the crocodile, but a hug or two seemed to solve the problem.

During intermission, we trotted down to overlook the orchestra pit, where we pointed out the different instruments and waved to the musicians. (They seemed delighted to see us, by the way. I was amazed that we were the only ones taking advantage of such an educational opportunity.)

All four of us enjoyed the show, and I'm so glad we got the chance to attend! Kessler is bringing Beauty and the Beast to Jackson as their next production, which might also be worth checking out.

On Thursday night, I packed up little man and a picnic dinner and headed for Symphony at Sunset, an annual open-air concert held at The Cedars in Fondren. It was an absolutely gorgeous night, and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The orchestra played a selection of songs celebrating America, and the decor matched the stars-and-stripes theme. (Though I do wish they'd allow the musicians to wear slightly more casual clothing for outdoor concerts. We're all lounging around in jeans and flip flops, blankets spread out on the grass, and the musicians are up there in the same white button-ups and black slacks as always. I would have loved to have seen them in white T-shirts and black shorts, or even jeans and those cute black T-shirts with the tuxedo fronts on them!)

At any rate, Clay again got to see the musicians and the instruments (this time from an even closer vantage point). They also provided glow sticks for the kids and offered star-shaped iced cookies (from Campbell's! Yum!) and ice cream.

Clay did a great job paying attention for the first half of the concert. We left for home shortly after intermission so as to get little people into bed.

On both occasions, I was very proud of his behavior as an audience member! He seemed very interested in what was going on (particularly during Peter Pan), and I think he really enjoyed himself at both events! That's my boy!

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