Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Feet on the street.

I love May. It's when you really start to notice that the days are getting longer. And because it's light earlier and later, I can get outside either before or after work! I have definitely fallen off the wagon with my running, but this always seems to be the time of year that I pick it back up. It's still cool outside in the early morning and the late evening, and I'd WAY rather be running on the pavement outside than toiling away on a treadmill in the gym.

During the past couple of weeks, I've been walking with the baby after work (or, like tonight, on my own after I've bathed him). I think that next week, I'll be ready to add short circuits of running into the mix. (My boss will hoot and holler when he finds this out, mainly because I've been ribbing him about his EXTREME dedication to fitness ever since I started back to work. I mean, the man runs 150-mile races. He really isn't sane. My measley efforts are definitely going to get a chuckle out of him.)

Hopefully, this season is the one for me to check off my "three miles without stopping" goal. It would be fun to do some weekend events, too. I haven't done one of them in a long while, and I kinda miss them. I used to jog with a group of ladies on Saturday mornings. Wonder if they are still running? Have to find that out . . .

When I'm out walking/running, I get a chance to think. I like that. I also get a chance to listen to some music that I really like. I've downloaded a bunch of songs that keep my pace up onto my MP3 player. Here are a few that get me going:

Lady Marmalade - I defy you to listen to this and not shake it.
Real World (Matchbox 20) - I also really like their I Want to Push You Around.
Respect - Give it up for Re Re, baby.
Shame on You (Indigo Girls) - I am an Indigo Girls fan from way back.
Slide (Goo Goo Dolls) - I think I may be the only person still listening to this song, but I don't care!
Take It Back (Pink Floyd)
Walking on Broken Glass (Annie Lennox) - She grooves, people. I also have her version of Take Me to the River on there.
Passionate Kisses (Mary Chapin Carpenter) - One of my favorite songs of all time. Naturally, I have tons of her songs mixed in there, too.
All I Want for Christmas (Mariah Carey) - Ok, this one is unorthodox. But it puts a bounce in my step, and it always makes me smile. Even when it's May.
Come to My Window (Melissa Etheridge) - Boyfriends used to come to my window, and I think that's why I've always liked this song.
Desire (U2) - If you do not like U2 at least a little, I fear that something may be seriously wrong with you. Seriously.
Faith (George Michael) - Say what you will, but I think it helps me go just a little bit faster. (Freedom, too. Makes me feel like a supermodel.) Don't mess with what works.
500 Miles (The Proclaimers) - Ever since I saw Bennie and Joon, I have sung this song absolutely full-throated no matter where I happen to be. I high school, a group of friends and I actually choregraphed a full waist-up dance to it that we could do WHILE RIDING IN THE CAR. I am soooo not kidding on this.

I'll try to stay accountable re: my successes and failures here. Let's hope there's more of the former than the latter! Ha!


Susan said...

I totally respect that list. And for the record, no, you are NOT the only one still listening to Slide. It's on my all-time favorites list!

Brogan said...

You need to download some pool hall music. Do you want me to get Corey to get you a few songs?

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Susan - So glad to know I am not the only one still listening to the Goo Goo Dolls!

Brogan - Um, no. And if you show up one Monday and hear all of the above, rest assured that I got there early with a twenty and bogarted the jukebox.

Erin M. said...

I love your music list!!! And I love Slide as well!

Anonymous said...

Here are more great workout songs!:

Bodyrock- Moby
My Wife- The Who
Bad Girls- Donna Summer
Rock and Roll- Gary Glitter
Elevation- U2
If God is a DJ- Pink
Hung Up- Madonna

Nicole Bradshaw said...

I like Pink. Moby, I've never really gotten into, but I'll check out Bodyrock!