Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick road trip

This weekend, hubs and I officially celebrated our anniversary. May is a month that is chock-full of celebrations for our family. Both of my sisters' birthdays, plus Mother's Day and our wedding anniversary, fall within the first two weeks. Shortly thereafter is the birthday of one of my oldest, dearest friends, then we run up into Memorial Day, and, as you can see, the social calendar gets crowded pretty quickly.

So hubs and I pretty much never celebrate our anniversary on the actual day it falls on; we're always either pushing it forward or backward a few days to accommodate other celebrations. This year, we celebrated on Saturday by dropping booger off for his first overnight without either of us. He stayed with his grandparents, and hubs and I high-tailed it to a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Vicksburg for the night.

After we dropped him off, we stopped for a quick lunch and then a movie. Yes, an actual movie. Only the third one we've seen together in the theatre since little man made his debut nearly two years ago. I made hubby the happiest man in the world on Saturday by agreeing to go see Star Trek with him. He was as joyful as a nerdy nerd on Nerdmas morning, as Stace would say. (It was an AWESOME movie, and I'll review it in a later post.)

After the show, we checked into our lovely room at Ahern's Belle of the Bends. We were staying in the Josephine Suite, a large, beautiful room on the second floor of the home. The bed was a reallyreally comfortable king, and the room had a sitting area and a spacious bath. But the best part was the verandah. Just outside our room was the door to this little slice of heaven, and there was a comfy cushioned swing out there. It was magical. You had great views, the higher elevation helped catch the breeze, and it was just very secluded, private, and romantic.

After checking in, we stopped by the outlet mall and did a little shopping. We bought a few kitchen things before our stomachs started to growl, sending us to Cedar Grove for dinner. We started with the crawfish cakes (OMG.), then hubs got the steak and I got the rabbit stew. I couldn't remember ever seeing rabbit on a restaurant menu, and I couldn't wait to try it. I think that the waitress was trying to talk me out of it at first. She was all, "It'll be gamey. It might be tougher than you're used to," blah blah blah. But you know how stubborn I am. Frankly, I've had a good bit of what would be classified as "game," and I have yet to specifically quantify what's meant by a "gamey" taste. To me, the meat just tastes like it has more flavor. Anyhoo, the rabbit was really good, and I ate it ALL. We washed everything down with red wine, and then I nursed a decaf coffee while we talked.

After that, hubs and I had big plans to go out to the casino, go play pool, etc. We stopped by the B&B to freshen up and recover from dinner, and we ended up on that verandah swing. And somehow, sitting up there, our desire to go out just evaporated. We swang out there, watched the sun go down, saw the lightning bugs come out, talked, laughed, felt the wine kick in. We just had the best time. It's difficult sometimes, with a toddler, to be at ease. There's always so much to do, it seems, and there's not a whole lot of lying around time.

But last night, we went to bed early and slept late. Aaaahhhh. And when I woke up earlier than hubs (I always do.), I took my copy of Mark Twain down to the parlor and sipped a hot cup of coffee while I read. (The innkeepers even had the soft music turned on - harp recordings of Greensleeves and the like. If only I'd had a hoop skirt . . . ) Before long, it was breakfast, and we were eating all kinds of wonderful things (hot cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit salad, sausage, eggs, gravy, biscuits, delicious fried apples, nearly everything you can imagine) while we chatted with each other.

After that, hubs and I moseyed on back to pick up little man, who had apparently behaved in a stellar fashion while we were away. (Though that could have been just a fib from Grammy and Poppy so we didn't feel bad about leaving him! You know how grandparents are!)

We will definitely be doing this again. Can't believe we let it wait so long!


Erin M. said...

nicole! you must try and do this more often! we get overnights maybe 4-5 times a year and they are's a nice way to recharge. it sounds like you two had an amazing time and i'm so glad! p.s. you get extra points for seeing the star trek movie, something i wouldn't have done (but my hubs isn't really a fan, so that helps).

Nicole Bradshaw said...

We WILL do better with it in the future! Getting away together was wonderful!

Star Trek - I'm not a big fan of the franchise myself, but this movie was just plain good. I'd recommend it to anyone.