Thursday, July 16, 2009

Busy town, busy woman.

What a week I've had! Monday night found me meeting up with a dear friend for drinks and dinner. We started out at Schimmel's (Their Web site says they are open Monday nights - not so any more.) and ended up at Que Sera. I downed salad and fried shrimp, as well as a few of what the bartender referred to as fireflies - sweet tea in a tall rocks glass, mixed with a generous amount of vodka and tons of fresh lemon slices. OMG. Sooo good! I could (and did) drink quite a few of those. I've requested this drink at a bar before, but I'd never heard it called a firefly. Now, I'll know what to ask for!

After dinner, I headed out to pool night, where I played absolutely miserably. (Note to self: alcohol impairs hand-eye coordination.) The only part of it that really got my goat was that I could have beaten my opponent. He gave me numerous chances to win, and I blew every one of them. (Shucks.) Regardless, I had a good time.

Tuesday night, hubs and I took booger to Joe's Diner for supper. It's a 50s-themed place out near where we live. While we munched on chicken tenders and listened to the jukebox play, I began thinking to myself that this would be a GREAT place to rent out for a theme party. You know, work with the restaurant to determine a set menu (say, cheeseburgers, fries, cherry cokes, and chocolate shakes), ask all the guests to wear sweater sets and white T-shirts, and dance to Buddy Holly all night. Friends of mine BEWARE. You KNOW how I love theme parties, and the cashier said they'd be happy to rent the place out on practically any weeknight. Hmmm . . .

After we ate, we took little man to the park, where he chased ducks and geese, played in the water fountain, and pointed out boats and planes until he was almost too exhausted to walk. Then, home for bath and bed.

On Wednesday, I showed up at Trustmark Park at around 5:30 p.m. for the Salvation Army Night at the Braves! The company I work for was sponsoring the event and providing volunteer support, and I was on hand to help out, take pictures, and capture quotes and audio for our company newsletter. What fun! It was hot, but tons of my work friends showed up to help out a worthy organization and enjoy the game. I got tons of great pics, and I used the audio I captured to put together my first official podcast today! I finally tuckered out around 9 p.m. and drug my sorry caracass home.

Tonight, we stayed in, and I think I'm voting for that option tomorrow night as well. Saturday? Who knows?!


arr-jay said...

FYI - The drink you enjoyed was made with Firefly Sweet Tea vodka. Firefly is the company (out of either South or North Carolina), and they have sweet tea vodka as well as mint tea and other berry-flavored teas!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Good to know! Thanks, girl!