Friday, July 17, 2009

A capitol idea

I had a little time at lunch today, so I made a quick stop at Jackson's Old Capitol Museum. I hadn't visited since the museum re-opened in February (after having been closed since Hurricane Katrina took the roof off in 2005).

The restored building is absolutely gorgeous, with far more exhibits than the previous museum housed. In addition, the new displays are all interactive, making the museum experience much more engaging and memorable. Visitors can argue a real-life case in front of "judges," stand in the legislative gallery, see what life might have been like for the keeper of the Old Capitol, and learn all about the building's construction, history, and restoration.

Views of the rotunda, both from the balconies above and the floor below, are breathtaking, and the twin spiral staircases are like something out of a movie. (So alas, I found myself AGAIN today, descending airily down a grand staircase, with no floor-length evening gown in sight. WHEN will I LEARN?!)

Admission to the museum is free, though there is a donation box in the rotunda. If you haven't been, do stop by. I am reallyreally hoping that they will set up the Christmas tree and the toy train set again this Christmas. I have missed it so during the renovation!

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