Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fun with Clay!

Clay and I have been doing lots of fun things together lately!

A week or two ago, we had lots of rainy weather. I put him in the little raincoat, hat and umbrella that I picked up on impulse at Target and let him go out to splash around. He's never played in the rain much, so he got a big kick out of it. We sang "Rain, Rain, Go Away" and twirled our umbrellas around. He thought it was all the coolest thing ever and insisted that hubs join us in the rain when he got home from work.

Hubs and I also took him to see Sesame Street Live a couple of weekends ago. Unlike last year, now he actually knows who Elmo is. And he was completely transfixed. When Elmo came out, booger took Brian's face in his little hands, looked him right in the eye, and screamed "ELMO!!" (And dude, the people running these shows have no illusions about who the star is. They bring ALL the other characters out, and they dance around awhile before noticing, "Someone's missing? Who is it?" Then, they let the suspense build as little people in the audience start gasping and shouting and having little fits of happiness about Elmo showing up in a few. This is clearly a well-oiled machine.) He wilted a little during Act II, but stayed well-behaved throughout. His reward? Chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch before a nice, long nap.

On Saturday morning, I took little man to the Ag Museum. He loved the trains, the tractors, and the planes in the inside part of the museum, and he LOVED the children's barnyard. We sat in there until my poor nostrils couldn't take it anymore, talking to the horses, the goats, the chickens, and the peacocks. THEN we went outside and saw more horses, an ostrich, a donkey, and a cow. The kid was in heaven. He kept saying "hey" to each animal ("Hey, horse!" "Hey, donkey!") and waving at them. Cute, cute, cute! And he had tons of fun playing with the fireman's hat I bought him in the general store. He ran all over the doctor's garden, taking that hat off and putting it back on again, making me try it on, etc.

We've also been down to Friendship Park a couple of times, which is a favorite for him. He loves climbing on the little playsets there, swinging in the swings, and running all over the trails. (It's a workout for me!) Add in a few trips to the grandparents' house for our requisite dose of being spoiled, and you have a pretty accurate picture of our last few weeks.

I'm thinking either the Muscadine Festival or the zoo for Saturday!

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