Thursday, September 17, 2009

Looking back and ahead

Yeesh! It's been busy at the Bradshaw household lately!

On Monday, I had pool night. I lost my match, but not miserably. First of all, I was matched against a very good player. (I wondered if I'd win any games at all.) And even though I didn't win, I thought I played pretty well (for me, anyway). It took her a LONG time to win the match. She'd hook me, then, by some miracle, I'd manage to hit the ball and hook HER. So we spent alot of time just figuring out some difficult shots and hitting balls, even though we didn't pocket them.

At any rate, though I wasn't walking on air (like I would have been if I'd managed to win the match), I did feel like I played well and didn't just hand the win over.

On Tuesday, I went to a dinner in honor of Leland Speed. I've been to my share of tribute events, and most of them are, shall we say, less than exciting. But this one was different. In fact, it was an almost perfect model of how a tribute event SHOULD go. First of all, I really felt as if most of the people there actually CARED about the honoree. Secondly, the event planners asked the right people to speak - people who were really close to Mr. Speed, people who really knew him. Thirdly, speakers kept their remarks brief and heartfelt. I really enjoyed listening to the speakers, which is almost unheard of at these events. Add in the fact that the program clipped along briskly and that the event ended on time, and you have success. I'm writing this one down as a good structure to follow.

In addition to activities here and there, we've been busy at home. Since we leave for New York City in a little over a week, hubs and I have been trying to get all our ducks in a row, both for the trip and for Clay's care while we are gone. We've been doing last little things like booking transportation to/fro the airport, and I've also been compiling THE MASTER DOCUMENT. See, hubs and I have never left Clay with anyone for more than an overnight, much less an entire week. So even though I know that he will be very well cared for, I am determined to provide every scrap of information necessary to the grandparents to ENSURE the whole thing goes as smoothly as possible.

So far, I've got his daily schedule (with all our routines typed in there), foods he likes, all the info for the daycare, all the info for hubs and I (where we're staying, flight schedule, etc.), all the info for the house (some of the family is staying here while we're away), all the contact numbers so that everyone can get in touch with everyone else, and all the info for the pediatrician (plus a copy of the insurance card). What am I forgetting? Anything? (I have to admit that, now that the trip's almost here, I'm freaking out a little bit about leaving my precious baby for an entire week. Aack! Talk me down, people!)

This weekend - could be anything. The zoo got scrapped last weekend due to weather, so we may pick that back up. OR we may trot out to New Stage to see Gutenberg. Regardless, we'll have to squeeze in more trip prep! No rest for the wicked!

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Erin M. said...

Do you have any membership cards (i.e. zoo, children's museum, etc.) you could leave them for fun activities? We just took a short trip last week and I left those along with some Baskin Robbins gift cards...booger will be fine, but it never hurts to suggest activities. I typed up a list of places w/ story times and special events and some websites/phone numbers...helps when someone's not used to entertaining toddlers all day long every day for a week, lol!