Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas all over the place!

It's Christmas!! Woo hoo!!

So far, Clay and I have made peppermint bark (yum) and candied pecans. (OMG. Double yum. I'll post that recipe in a few.) I've already made my grocery list, and we'll hit Kroger in the a.m. to load up for our annual holiday baking extravaganza. We'll make cranberry orange bread (something new for us this year), plus a bunch of different cookies. Those will be for both eating and giving.

I took yesterday off work to finish my Christmas shopping. Now, everything's bought except for hubs' gift. Tonight, the two of us will wrap gifts while we sip hot buttered rum and spiked apple ciders. (Hmmm . . . I wonder how crooked the bows will turn out?!)

Today, hubs secretly took the day off today to do a few things around the house. When Clay and I drove home tonight, it was all lit up!! We NEVER put holiday lights on the house. It's just something we've never had the energy to do. I took Clay out a couple of times last week to see other people's lights, though, and he LOVED them. (He was sooo cute, ooohing and aaahing over everything. He'd gasp and say, "Oh, mama! Look at the lights! They are so pretty!" Then, we'd try to find snowmen or Santas or reindeer. Cutest thing ever.) It was such a festive surprise to see them there tonight, and I thought it was an incredibly sweet thing for hubs to do for the baby.

This weekend, we're planning on taking him him out on Sunday night to Winners Circle Park to see the lights and Santa. He went last year and had a BLAST. We may also try to swing by the Old Capitol Museum (Mom used to take us here during the holidays, to see the big tree and the toy train.) or the Ag Museum tomorrow, to check out all the holiday decorations.

My parents are coming over tomorrow night for dinner, and they are bringing my sweet nephew! Clay LOVES his cousin, so I know we'll have a good time!

There is so much going on, and I'm giddy with the excitement of the season! Merry, merry Christmas!!

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