Saturday, December 19, 2009

The most wonderful time of the year!

It's Christmastime, and we've been busy!!

Little man and I baked last weekend, then we delivered treats to our neighbors during the week. Everyone got a kick out of seeing booger all tricked out in his winter coat and hat, and I hope they enjoyed their cranberry bread! (The older couple across the street always seems to like our visits. And Clay LOVES the lit-up Santa they are displaying on their porch this holiday season.) Booger also had his little Christmas program at daycare. (That's my little reindeer at left, chilling out by the tree once we got home from the show.)

Got to eat a fun holiday lunch this week with some of my co-workers, too. We met at Broad Street, exchanged gifts, and ate WAY too much. (But not so much that I didn't pick up some baked goods to munch on over the weekend. Their apricot ginger scone? AMAZING, people.) Some other buddies met me at Margarita's for dinner one night, AND I've gotten lots of gifts of cookies, cheese straws, and other fattening goodness. Looks like I'll be dieting come January.

We ordered a crown pork roast for our holiday feast this year. Anybody ever make one? Not planning on stuffing it with anything, so it should be a pretty simple season and roast job. Hoping for a good result!

We took little man out to Canton last night to look at all the pretty lights, ride the carousel, and jut enjoy the general Christmasy wonderlandness of it all. He loved running around amidst the lights. Even more, he loved riding on the little rides and the trains. Hubs and I finally got weary of paying dollars and standing in lines, so we talked him into the car after about an hour and half. I'd recommend going out, though, to anyone. It makes for a great little evening. We may go out to Winners Circle Park, too, before the season is over. I've heard that even Bass Pro Shop has some cool holiday stuff going on.

On tap for this weekend - hanging out at home and loving on my two sweeties! I have a great creamy mushroom pasta dish I'm trying out tonight, and I have to figure out what fabulous dessert I'll make for after Christmas Eve dinner. Suggestions?

Never a dull moment!!

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