Friday, April 15, 2011

Dinner with Guy

A quick weigh-in with an out-of-the-way restaurant review - Guy's Catfish and Steak House in Vaiden, Miss.

We were driving up towards Memphis from Jackson on Thursday night when hunger struck. A quick search on the smartphone told us that Guy's Catfish was just ahead at Vaiden. We called them to make sure they were open and get the (incredibly simple) directions we needed to find them from the interstate, and we were in business!

First of all, you can tell from the moment you enter Guy's that this is a family-owned business. The whole clan seems to be there, from babies to grandmothers. We were lured by the heavenly smell of the catfish buffet, so we ordered that for dinner and started loading up our plates.

First the catfish - I don't know what spices they are putting in the breading/coating of their fried catfish, but they make for an amazing result. The fish is perfectly seasoned. I would tell you that you could skip tartar sauce (and really, you could), but then you would miss out on their delicious homemade tartar sauce. And nobody wants that, right?

The hush puppies were crispy and oniony, and the green beans had a sweet, vinegary note that I loved.

All that to say, Guy's is a winner. If you find yourself up near Vaiden, check it out!!

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