Saturday, April 02, 2011

What Clay is doing now.

Eeek! I haven't been doing these for quite a while! Here's what Clay's up to these days:

  1. Clay can identify all of his letters (and the sounds they make) and his numbers.

  2. When we are speaking words, he can tell me the letters they start and end with, based on the sound of the word.

  3. He can successfully count to 15. (After that, he starts making stuff up.)

  4. He can write his name.

  5. He can dress himself, use the bathroom himself, wash his hands, and brush his own teeth. (Though I still try to get in there and do a couple of swipes with the toothbrush, just to be sure we're covered.)

  6. Last night, he slept the whole night through in his underwear, not a pull-up. No accidents!

  7. He can color inside the lines of a picture, but he seems to prefer drawing his own creations.

  8. When he's drawing or writing his letters, he is completely focused on what he's doing.

  9. He seems to remember everything we do! This is good most of the time and annoying only occasionally.

  10. He loves role playing. Sometimes we're fire fighters. Sometimes we're Velma and Scooby. Sometimes we're doctors or dinasaurs or superheroes. (And sometimes, mama and daddy are REALLY TIRED.)

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