Saturday, April 02, 2011


Last weekend, we planted all of our patio pots! They look so beautiful! I love red geraniums, and I plant them nearly every year. They're great because they are hardy, don't mind drying out a bit (I'm notorious for forgetting to water.), and I love their bright red flowers. This year, we also put out a cherry tomato plant and a strawberry vine, in addition to our usual potted herbs (basil, chives, thyme and parsley). Both the front and back yards are looking beautiful!

Last Sunday, we packed up our little clan and headed to the Disney Live! Magic Show at the Mississippi Coliseum. The show featured Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald in addition to several of the popular princesses. There was song and dance, a little bit of magic, and a whole lotta relentless cheer (which, as you know, Disney is famous for the world over).

Clay watched the whole thing very intently. (It amazes me how he focuses so closely on live performances. I never worry about taking him to see any live show, because I know that once the lights go down and the curtain goes up, he will absolutely be the ideal audience member.) We snacked on our popcorn, enjoyed the show, and bought a quick little souvenir on the way out.

Yesterday was my sweet nephew's birthday. He had his party at the Baptist Healthplex in Clinton, and it was so fun! When the gym first opened, they had a glassed-in room that featured a rock-climbing wall. For whatever reason, they later removed the climbing wall and put active games in the glassed-in room instead. They had a couple of Wiis; a Dance Dance Revolution game; some neat stationary bikes with video monitors that let you ride different races/routes (harder than it looks!); a big, lit-up electronic floor game with tons of options (step on the lit red dots, avoid the lit-up panels, etc.); and tons of other fun stuff. Clay loved being there and playing with the older kids, and it was great to share another birthday with my nephew.

This Saturday, we decided to swing by the arts festival out at Ridgeland's Renaissance Mall. They held it for the first time in 2009, and it's grown every year since then. Basically, they invite artists from all over the Southeast to come out and exhibit/sell their work at booths. This year, they had some great activities for the little ones. Clay sculpted with play-dough, made his own hat at another crafts booth, decorated a hand puppet at a third tent, and, finally, colored his own T-shirt with fabric markers. He looked awfully cute, hopping all around with his handmade hat and shirt. We perused some of the art booths, caught a quick lunch, and headed home.

The arts festival lasts through Sunday, April 3. So if you didn't get by there today, it's not too late!

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A. Boyd C. said...

I would imagine those climbing walls are a nightmare to insure. Remember when swimming pools had diving boards and even a high dive?

Wii's are much safer.