Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More eye drama

Remember back when my mom had that awful eye infection? Well, for the past week, I've had some eye drama of my own.

Last Tuesday night, I was sprawled out on the floor in the den, reading with Clay. He was goofing off and hopping around like he always does, when WHAP! He hit me in the eye with his hand. Hard. It stung a bit, but the pain subsided quickly. (He was all, "I'm sorry! It was an accident!" and I was all "Ouch.") I didn't think anything of it until later in the evening, when I noticed my eye was sore.

When I awoke Wednesday morning, my eye was bright red and almost swollen shut. Eeeeek. I went to MEA to make sure he hadn't scratched my cornea. After some (very painful) tests, they determined that he'd just given me a really bad shiner. (I blame Wii boxing.)

And guess what? There's not a whole lot you can do for a beat-up eye when it comes to medical treatment. I was instructed to take Aleve to reduce swelling and a apply hot and cold compresses. Really?

The eye has healed, but veryvery slowly. After the initial red/swollen look, I rocked a purple puffy eye for several days. Then, the swelling concentrated itself into one rather large bump in the center of my eyelid for a few days. Today (more than a week after Clay hit me) is the first day it's even looked close to normal.

So, my advice to all the other moms out there? Bob and weave, sister. Bob and weave.

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