Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Most Amazing Room EVER

When I was pregnant with Clay, I decided that his nursery would have a nautical theme. I spent some of the months of my pregnancy choosing crib bedding with sweet little sailboats on it, buying a matching window valance and lamp, and searching ebay for tiny model ships and hand-carved wooden captain figurines. I even found a brass plate that said "Captain" to hang over his bed and a wooden sign reading "Poop Deck" that we put by the changing table.

Well, needless to say, my little baby has grown up. And the four-year old boy that I have now is not really amazed by sailboats. He much prefers Spiderman.

So when we ran across a Spiderman sheet set at Target during Memorial Day weekend, he was enthralled. How could I say no? And so it began.

We bought the sheet set, plus a light red blanket and pillow sham, as well as a dark blue dust ruffle, red window valance, and Spiderman throw for the rocker. Once all of that was in place, we scooted by Lowe's and picked up a cool contemporary lamp. We painted the shade black.

We decided to paint the silhouette of a city skyline on the long wall, then buy some Spiderman wall decals and have Spiderman siwnging and jumping his way through the city. THEN we thought, "Why not paint the city in black chalkboard paint? That way, he can write on it." Check and check.

We trolled ebay (my trusty sidekick) for the decals, as well as a couple of lots of Spiderman toys and some comic books that we could frame and hang on the wall. By the end of the weekend - Voila! Clay thinks he has the coolest room ever.

This is the long wall before we applied the decals. We brought the baseline of the city up fairly high on the wall so Clay would have plenty of eye-level room to draw.

Here's the bed and the same wall with some of the decals up. You can also see the neat lamp. (We put a few decals on the shade of it, too!)

Here's the rest of the city, the corner rocker, and the bookcase. I have some Spiderman comic books that I've framed to hang above the bookshelf, but I haven't put them up yet.

Spiderman is everywhere! More decals around the dresser.

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