Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pinterest - my new addiction

If you haven't been over to yet, I almost hesitate to tell you about it. For a list-making, project- and recipe-collecting, (slightly?) OCD person like myself, it's the web version of crack cocaine.

You see, Pinterest allows you to save photos and bookmarks of the things you find on the web. All kinds of things - products, project ideas, recipes, funny quotes. And it lets you organize these things on "boards" any way you wish. So, I have a "Spooktacular!" board where I've pinned fun Halloween ideas - foods, costumes, decorating schemes, links to products I want to buy.

And the site just keeps that information there for you, organized in your intuitive way. AND THEN you can see what your friends on Facebook are pinning. Or just browse what everyone's pinning, to see if there's anything there you like.

You can see how this is dangerous for me, no? I've already had to get ruthless about what I pin. If it doesn't look fairly cheap, pretty easy, quick, and fabulous, I won't pin it. Otherwise, you end up with something like 3,000 pins. Like some of my friends. (I am sooooo not kidding.)

The process is completely addictive and a huge time sink.

However, if you decide to click on over there despite my warnings, welcome to the dark side! Be sure to look me up!

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