Wednesday, August 31, 2011


For years, it's been on my personal "to do" list to attain APR accreditation. The process to do so is rather lengthy:

1.) Submit an application and a readiness review questionnaire. On the basis of these documents, you are allowed (or not) to go to the next step.
2.) Sit for a readiness review. You put together a professional portfolio, then you present it to a panel of 3 APRs. They ask questions to determine your professional areas of strength/weakness. Based on this review, you are allowed (or not) to go to the next step.
3.) A computer-based examination of 187 questions that tests your knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of topics necessary to the field. You must pass the exam to achieve accreditation.

After a little more than 6 months to get through all the steps, I think I can safely say I've done it at last. I took the exam on Saturday and got a B! Woo hoo! It's not technically official until I hear from the Public Relations Society of America, but it's looking like I can FINALLY mark this one DONE!

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