Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fun with little people

Clay and I stayed busy in June! We saw perhaps the best circus we've ever seen with Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey came to town with Barnum Bash. What fun!

Part of the program focused on the rich history of the circus sideshow, with a fire eater, contortionists, and a strong man who they ran over with a Hummer full of people! They also had an AMAZING act called Duo Fusion, where a woman (in a sparkly bikini and high heels, no less) did all sorts of strength and balancing tricks. That woman was throwing that man around, lifting him up into the air, all kinds of stuff. Very impressive! The elephant act, featuring three elephants, was also really well done. We've been to the circus three or four time now with little man, but we all agreed that Barnum Bash was the best show we'd seen!

There's also a new dinosaurs exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science. In the facility's first-floor, glassed-in exhibit space, they have a animatronic T-Rex that you can get REALLY close to! At first, little man was afraid. But right next to it, they have a stripped-down animatron that you can control with a console. That helped him realize that the big, scary dinosaur was actually just a machine. He then spent some time teaching that machine how to really roar!

The two of us sneaked out early on Father's Day weekend to eat donuts and get hubs his present - a new grill! Hus and I bought our old grill the year we got married, and it's seen 12 years of hard use! He asked for a new one this year, and we rewarded him with a shiny Char-Broil Infrared. Clay "helped" him put it together, and hubs has already grill steaks, veggie kabobs, BBQ chicken, and other treats for us on it!

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