Sunday, July 22, 2012

Party Animal!

A couple of weeks ago, mere DAYS after we put the finishing touches on the kitchen, we celebrated little man's FIFTH birthday!

He wanted a pirate party, so we did up the house in swashbuckling style, rented a slip and dip for the back yard, and got a cake with a ship on top. We did our usual hokey invitations ("Shiver me timbers! Cap'n Clay be turnin' FIVE!" We are such goobs.)

I put out fruit and cheese plates (two different versions - adults and kids), hubs grilled chicken, and we served up sauteed corn and roasted cherry tomatoes. Very delicious, very summery!

I can hardly believe how big he's gotten! He starts school in TWO WEEKS! We've got him all registered, he's had his round of vaccinations, and we went and got all of his school supplies today.

Little man is growing up!

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