Saturday, July 08, 2017

Time for Texas

A few weeks ago, I had the occasion to be in Texas for a day on business. I decided to show up early to give myself a free morning in Houston. What fun!

I arrived at the airport around brunch-ish, so I rented a car and made my way to The Breakfast Klub  It's so popular that they've opened a branch in the airport now, but I wanted to go to the source. It's a small restaurant. You stand in line (no list to put your name on), order at the counter, then take a seat. Before you know it, delicious (and not healthy) food comes piping hot out of the kitchen and onto your table.

The chicken and waffles at Houston's The Breakfast Klub
are not to be trifled with. 

I ordered the chicken and waffles. To be completely honest, I had never had chicken and waffles before. So heavy. So starchy. Not good for you. BUT it was one of their specialties, so if I was going to have it, I may as well have it from a place that's famous for it! And it was heavy. And it was starchy. But OMG. I totally understand why so many people have diabetes now!!! It was sooooo good! I ate more of the chicken than I did of the waffle, mainly because the chicken was so good that I wanted to weep tears of thankfulness. Feeling completely satisfied, I waddled back to the car.

It was a Monday, so most of the big museums were closed. There was one place open, though, that many on the world wide web seemed to think was a quintessential Houston experience - the Rothko Chapel. This unassuming building with its quiet courtyard is nestled in the museum district and holds  14 Rothko murals. It's free, and it appears to be open nearly every day. I found a parking spot on the street and went to check it out.

It's a quiet space, rounded off on the inside, with pews and pillows on the floor for sitting. Light is indirect. Time seems to slow down inside, as the murals quietly vibrate. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed, so I can't share that with you. However, it's a very unique place, and I recommend stopping in for some quiet reflection. 

The Rothko Chapel is the perfect place for quiet reflection.

By this time, my hotel room in The Woodlands was ready, so off I went. I checked into the Westin at The Woodlands there, and it was comfortable and VERY centrally located. I'd never visited The Woodlands before, and I found it fascinating. It's a master-planned community, with clusters of neighborhoods grouped around the city center. The city center features green space, an outdoor mall, several main streets lined with shops, restaurants, and movie theaters, and a man-made waterway and pond dotted with water taxis and kayakers. Though most of my time in The Woodlands was spent on business, I did enjoy the times I was able to get out and walk around, as it's a very walkable community. I did a bit of window shopping, enjoyed some of the outdoor public spaces, and ate in a few of the restaurants before it was time to head back home.

Until next time, Texas!

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