Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've been sooo busy lately, it seems! It's been difficult to find time to blog. But now, I'm attempting to chase down my wild runaway wagon and hurl myself, mid-careen, back onto it.

We spent the weekend swimming over at hubs' parents' house. It was booger's first time in the "big boy" pool, and I think he enjoyed it. He didn't want to stay in it all day, and he got a little freaked out if Brian or I went under water, but other than that, he was pretty cool with it. He thought his floatie vest was a hoot and really enjoyed being only "semi-held" by mama. And he LOVED pushing the big yellow float all around the pool. (I think I got a pretty decent workout, chasing that thing.)

We also got our first real taste of summer berries! Dad has a friend with a large piece of property. On the land, he's planted tons of blueberry and blackberry bushes. We ended up with a gallon of amazing blackberries and tons of fresh, sweet blueberries. In celebration, we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast on Sunday morning, and blackberry shortcakes for dessert that night. (Oh yes, I totally went there. I even served them with EXTRA CREAMY whipped cream. It's just how I roll.)

Work this week has been very productive, and I'll be out in Tunica tomorrow on business. I think it will be fun (it's nice getting out of the office), and I'm hoping for nice weather so we can enjoy the drive!

Oh, and I found a killer swimsuit. As most reading this already know, swimsuit shopping is not for the faint of heart. ANY figure flaw you have will be magnified times ten. It can be very difficult to find a suit you like that's affordable, flattering, and fits comfortably (so you aren't tugging and pulling at it all the time). The universe smiled on me, and I found a cute suit at Belk's that I really like. It's got a halter top with a design on it, and the bottom of the suit is black. Nothing too fancy, but it fits nicely and I look good in it. See how much Jesus loves me?

Hubs and I watched some fun movies last week; will have to post on them soon.

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