Saturday, June 27, 2009

Out and about with booger

There was a time when hubs and I toted booger to the zoo, to museums, etc. He'd sit in his stroller, glancing dismissively at everything around him. After a while, totally unimpressed, he' d start fussing, and hubs and I would load him into the car and take him home, poorer and more exhausted for the journey.

But now, he's finally at the age where he ENJOYS going and doing things. He thinks it's FUN! Last week, we took him to his first MS Braves game. It was kind-of a last-minute whim. We packed up, went to Trustmark Park, bought hotdogs and settled in. Pretty soon, he was running all over the park, slurping down huge quantities of fluids (it was overcast, but still hot), and having the absolute time of his life in the spacejump. (I finally had to lure him out of there with some french fries.) Even though we only stayed about an hour and a half, it was worth it. We had such fun, and we're going to try and go back at least one more time before the season's over.

Today, we all went to the "Monsters of the Deep" exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, and he loved it. He explored the entire museum - the ocean exhibit, the fish tanks (always a favorite) and the preschool room (where he built up some serious speed on the slide). He just tore through that place, chattering and "oooh"-ing and "aaah"-ing and "wow"-ing about everything. He climbed up on the fake frog (screaming out "Ribbit! Ribbit!!") and allowed his photo to be snapped, and he giggled like crazy with all the other kids he managed to make friends with while we were there.

I know that some people think that the "twos" are terrible. And Clay definitely has his challenging moments. But, boy, is he getting to be fun or WHAT?

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