Saturday, August 01, 2009

Beauty Shangri La.

Yesterday, I found a store that I thought only existed in my mind. A store where nearly every beauty product imaginable is for sale, where knowledgable staff people can guide you to make decisions about skincare, fragrances and other products, where a full salon awaits.

Yesterday, I went to ULTA Beauty, and by God, I'll be back. It's only been open for a week or so, and I wouldn't have even known it existed if they hadn't sent me a mailer. And I might have just thrown the mailer away, except that it trumpeted "350 fragrances to choose from!" on the cover. (If you've been following my 101 list, you know that "Find my signature fragrance" is one of the items yet to be checked off.)

When I walked into ULTA, I immediately knew I was in the right place. Rows and rows and rows of fragrances were on display, and every one of them had a tester available. Not only that, they offered shoppers tons of those small slips of heavy paper that you can use to spray the fragrance on, so you don't walk out of there smelling like a cheap tramp. I spent about an hour spraying, sniffing, and choosing. The saleslady used a handy cheat sheet to guide me towards scents I'd like (based on what I told her I was looking for and other fragrances I've used in the past), and I walked out of there not only with a bag holding my signature fragrance, but with notes on other perfumes I really liked and may buy in the future.

I can already think of one friend that this store is MADE for, and I cannot wait to schedule some joint salon dates there with her. If you haven't been to ULTA, GET THERE.

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