Monday, August 17, 2009

Do the Hustle!

Last Thursday, I managed to score some tickets to the StoryTellers' Ball, the big annual hoopla thrown by the Greater Jackson Arts Council. This year's theme was Motown Downtown, and the party was held in the Mississippi TelCom Center. I knew JUST the person to ask. Mel loves these kinds of parties, is a great dancer, and rocks a cocktail dress. There really was no question. (That's us, being goofy at the party, above.)

Because I was late getting my act together, I didn't have a funky Motown outfit. But remember a while back, when I said that I could fit back into one of my old college dresses? Honey, I pulled that thing out of the closet, slipped it on, and hit the town. Felt really good.

Mel and I showed up around 8 p.m., hit the buffet, then danced! So much fun! They had a live band, a cool silent auction, and martini bar. I saw tons of people I knew from my days in the arts, and there is just no better person to go to such an event with than Mel. Love that girl.

Stay tuned for our further adventures this week! We've signed up to go to Easely Amused on Thursday!


Erin M. said...

And you look great in that little red number!

Nicole Bradshaw said...

You're sweet, Erin! Now, back to the closet with it, where it'll probably hang, unused, for another 10 years or so!