Sunday, August 02, 2009

Eating in the Metro area

Quick update on a few restaurants:

FInally got the chance to eat at The Corner Bakery in Flowood, and I was pleasantly surprised. Think Newk's with more baked goods. I had the Chicken Pomodori panini and a side Caesar. Portions are large (though I didn't think the salad was as good as what Newk's serves), service is quick, and prices are more than reasonable. They also sell a variety of sweet treats, including lemon bars, brownies, cookies, cakes, and more. Even better, they have a mouthwatering catering menu. Overall, this place is definitely worth adding to your restaurant rotation list.

Construction is FINISHED at Broad Street Bakery, and the food is as good as ever. The restaurant has returned to counter service. I have the understanding that they'll be working on some small construction projects in the back of the restaurant (and maybe with their outdoor seating area?), but inside seems to be complete. Stopped by there for breakfast a week or so ago and had as good a time as ever.

Hubs and I swanked up and went to Schimmel's last night for a wonderful dinner. He had the steak (no surprise there), and I had the fish. We split a half bottle of wine and forewent dessert in favor of ordering the crabcake appetizer. It was sooo nice to eat a peaceful, romantic dinner together. Dad was nice enough to come over and keep the bit while we went out, so we were able to just relax and enjoy our meal and each other.

While we were eating dinner, we noticed two young people come in, dressed very well, each with a rose. They approached an older man and woman at the table next to us. When they arrived the man at the table took out a gorgeous ring and proposed. The woman, nearly in tears, accepted, and they kissed. The entire restaurant burst into applause. Turns out the younger couple were her children, and this would be her second marriage. She was beaming, and so was everyone at Schimmel's that night.

Lastly, I don't think I ever reviewed Petra Cafe in Clinton. I had lunch there a couple of Mondays ago, and it was delightful. It's a Lebanese/Jordinian restaurant, and it's located in the old Potter House in downtown Clinton. The decor is nice, and service during our visit was personal, friendly, and speedy. To start, we split the fried cheese appetizer. Though it's not something I usually get at a restaurant (ever since I ordered a hunk of Kasseri served flambe, which, though exciting, didn't taste all that good), I found this version to be actually quite tasty. I followed it up with the lamb, which was served with rice and a nice salad. Everything got washed down with Jordinian tea (tea blended with rose water, almond, etc.).

I really enjoyed this place, and they cater at the restaurant and rent out a pretty amazing-looking tent for parties. They also offer a hookah to smoke at the restaurant. We didn't take a drag while we were there (and I'm wondering just a little bit about smoking a hookah that everyone's lips have been on), but maybe during a future visit. Worth going here. The food was delish!

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