Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The illness carousel.

Since early January, booger has been on the infection ferris wheel.

Week 1 - Ear infection. Hubs and I don't usually take him to the doctor for this, but he was complaining of one other symptom, so we thought it might be something more serious than the garden variety ear infection. Soooo, I took the day off work and took booger to the doctor. The verdict? Garden variety ear infection. His low fever was gone the next day, and back to daycare he went.

Week 2 - Pinkeye. The poor little feller woke up Tuesday morning looking like a prizefighter. His little eye was crusted shut. Sooooo, hubs took the day off work and took him to the doctor. We got the eye drops, and he stayed home from daycare for THREE DAYS (Thank GOD mom was able to keep him for a couple of days.), until all the symptoms were gone and he was no longer contagious. Every time we administered the drops (and we had to do it three times a day for five days), we had to forcibly hold him down while he thrashed and screamed, "I don't like it! I DON'T LIKE IT!!" So not fun.

Week 3 - Ringworm. Seriously? A third week of infection? What ancient pagan diety did I piss off? Because, dude, I will totally sacrifice a goat to whomever if they will just remove the infection curse from my son. It's just a little round spot on his hand, but it warranted another call to the pediatrician (who, I'm sure, is getting caller ID so he can ignore my constant, desperate pleas for help), another quick trip to the pharmacy for an over-the-counter cream, and more doctoring for little man.

Is it February yet?

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