Saturday, March 06, 2010

Feeling green!

St. Paddy's Day is coming up! Last year, I marched in the Hal and Mal's St. Patrick's Day Parade. I'm not marching this year, so I was thinking I might take booger to the parade to see the sights. If the weather's good, I think he'd have fun and get tons of free stuff. (Because, let's face it, people, the kid is adorable.) He'd love it.

I also think I might make an Irish dinner at home to celebrate. Cooking Light has a whole Irish menu for St. Patrick's Day. (You can check out their Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe here.) We could do corned beef and cabbage or an Irish stew, some soda bread, some black and tan brownies. Fun, right? And I have some zany props from last year that I could pull out to decorate with.

After that, it will be a hop and skip to Easter brunch! The year is whizzing by!

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